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Are you struggling to manage your money, boost your income, and take the strategic steps necessary to financially position yourself for greatness in life?

Well, the good news is that you’re not alone! We all have gifts that we are blessed with – but how we use them is up to us. My gift is empowering others to follow their dreams and fulfill their passions. You only get one life to live, so why not invest your time and efforts in what you love?

Think about it – a child doesn’t learn to ride a bike without falling down, A LOT! So, why, as adults, are we so scared to fall? Maybe because as adults we have responsibilities galore! They never stop do they? BUT we should never stop trying to stretch our abilities and fulfill our purpose in life in the name of responsibilities. Remember, that even though the falls we took as children were painful, we learned something valuable from each fall and eventually mastered the art of riding. So, it’s simple really – make fulfilling your purpose a part of your responsibilities, and you will master your purpose.

Welcome to Expanding Wallet – where you can explore money management techniques, ways to increase your income and reduce expenses, financial strategies, and so much more. This is a gateway to inspiration and financial empowerment, and I’m excited to take the journey with you!

How My Financial Journey Started

Speaking at the Foshay Tower

At 15 years old, I read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, (Have you read it?) which had easy-to-understand money principles backed by a powerful story. It made me realize that you don’t need to make a lot of money to become wealthy and live a fulfilling life. Instead, you need to understand the value of time on your money and have a plan for the future. And so, I began molding a plan, for my life, my finances, and my future.

I was intrigued by real estate, so my focus and plan revolved around real estate. At 18 years old, prior to starting college, I became a licensed real estate agent. I was on the right track! However, while I was following my plan, I couldn’t control the absolutely terrible timing of one of the worst real estate market crashes of all time. As a result, less than three years after getting my real estate license, I called it quits (as it was costing me more than I was making).

But just like with riding a bike, my “fall” taught me some valuable lessons. I saw how few people understood crucial financial principles and were being taken advantage of as a result. I did not want that to happen to my clients, so I took action to educate them on what buying or selling a home could do to their financial future. Some realized that because of the downturn in the market they could potentially owe money on the house they were planning to sell. Others discovered if they purchased a new home, they would have little to no money in the event of an emergency.

As a result of educating clients on finances, I remember one couple calling me two years after I had met with them. They told me on the phone “WE ARE FINANCIALLY READY TO BUY A HOME NOW!” I was really proud of them for being patient, improving their financial situation, and most importantly knowing they could fulfill their dream without financial regret later.

I was also working on my future dream by increasing my knowledge of real estate investing. I learned the “ins and outs” of making money as a real estate investor, managing rental property, deciphering between good debt versus bad debt, working with banks, and creative ways to finance purchases and cover remodeling expenses. This further enhanced my understanding of money and personal finance.

I knew I wanted to begin my financial investing journey in real estate, but first, I also knew that entry into this particular investing arena required immaculate finances and tip-top credit. Because let’s face it, banks typically do not just hand out loans to high-risk investors. So, while I got my degree, I focused on shaping up my credit and minimizing my debt to income ratio.

Early Financial Success

I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and accepted an IT consulting job with a modest salary. While working, I stayed focused on my goal of real estate investing, and only nine months after graduating, I purchased my first investment property. It was a duplex, which allowed me to rent one side and live on the other. But it needed updating, desperately! So, now was the time to use some of the creative financing techniques I had learned to fund the updates.

By age 26, I had paid off my student loans and the money borrowed for the duplex renovations, with the mortgage on the duplex being my only remaining debt. I will admit, I felt pretty accomplished, as I had made a plan and stuck to it.

Growth, Challenges, and Lessons Learned

At 27 years old, I decided I wanted to dip my toe in another aspect of real estate investing, which was house flipping. And what better partner than my real estate minded mom? So, with a contractor referral from a friend, we purchased a prime property and dove right into renovations!

Kitchen Before Renovation:

Unfortunately, my dream turned into a nightmare only a month into this venture. Renovations were taking way too long, and tasks simply weren’t getting done.

Eventually, we found out we were part of a huge scam operation this contractor was running. It was one of those stories you hear about on the news where a general contractor collects a bunch of money from multiple people to do work and then just disappears. We were one of eight people being scammed, and this “fall” really took the wind out of my sails. But I got back up, dusted myself off, and found another contractor to finish the job. Luckily, the remodeled home looked fantastic and sold quickly. Even with the money lost, this experience was invaluable to my financial growth and learning.

Kitchen After Renovation:

After that, I thoroughly vetted all general contractors, and all my future projects went smoothly (Well, as smoothly as renos can go, if you know what I mean!). This whole experience just reinforced the fact that sometimes there will be bumps in the road of life, but you simply have to work through them while keeping your eyes on your goals. And having the right resources to fuel your goals is crucial to your success.

Empowering Others!

From my real estate experience, I realized I have a passion for transformation. Whether it be transforming a property, myself, or clients I found joy in all of those areas. I expanded this passion for transformation to my friends. I encouraged many of them to consistently work on their dreams. Eventually, their dreams became their reality! I discovered that having the right community and resources to fuel your goals is crucial to your success.

This is how Expanding Wallet was born – to serve as a dynamic, informative resource for personal finance knowledge as well as empowerment. You see, the simple fact is this: Where you invest your time will determine your future. So, where do you invest your time? Are you looking to stop the struggle and empower yourself to take control of your financial future?

Great! Then we can take this strategic financial journey together. I created Expanding Wallet to inspire and encourage you to pursue your dreams without regret. At Expanding Wallet, we believe to fulfill your purpose you must LEARN all that you can, BELIEVE in yourself, and take actions that allow you to GROW!

Our website is a fountain of financially savvy flowing knowledge and inspiration. So, be sure to visit us regularly. Like to listen while you work? Be sure to follow Expanding Wallet on our YouTube Channel and all of our social media platforms, so you don’t miss a thing! Begin your financial journey, and stake a claim in your bright future!

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