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Hi, I'm Andrew

Founder of Expanding Wallet

Hi, I'm Andrew

Founder of Expanding Wallet

Here at Expanding Wallet, our mission is to inspire greatness and encourage actions that will grow dreams into existence. We strive to provide information that can be used to create a strong financial foundation.

Welcome to Expanding Wallet!

A Financial Empowerment Blog by Andrew Clarke

Our website, expandingwallet.com, which was founded in 2020, allows you to discover how you can invest in yourself. This is achieved by providing the following to you:

  • Articles That:
    • Inspire Greatness
    • Increase Your Financial Knowledge
    • Specify Actions You Can Take to Get Results
  • Events That Are:
    • Educational
    • Interactive
    • Powerful and Moving
    • Focused on Self-Improvement, Real Estate, Business, and More

We understand how important it is to get both informational knowledge and practical experience. That is why we focus on providing you with articles and events that are both informative and actionable. Education in combination with action will produce results!

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