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Are you struggling to manage your money, boost your income, and take the strategic steps necessary to financially position yourself for greatness in life?

Expanding Wallet Online Course

Online Financial Course


This course is designed to help future homeowners or existing homeowners master the basics of managing their finances to be better equipped for homeownerships. 

The course is 90 days long with a combination of self-directed learning, group training, and a monthly workshop.

It’s designed for anyone who wants to be a successful homeowner and improve their skills with managing money. 

You will also learn how to use the Expanding Wallet Financial Empowerment Toolkit system for managing your finances. 

The Financial Empowerment Toolkit system will help you with budgeting, managing accounts, debt, and credit cards. 

Expanding Wallet Coaching

Private Coaching

This is great if you want individualized attention and accountability. 

Similar to having a coach at the gym to develop a fitness plan for you as a Financial Empowerment Coach I help you develop a plan for you finances. 

I help you incorporate systems that will help you achieve your goals.

Some examples include:

    • Getting out of debt 
    • Improving credit score
    • Budgeting
    • Better prepared for homeownership
    • Having more money for investing / retirement
Expanding Wallet Course Plus Coaching

Combination Package

(Course + Private Coaching): This is great for someone who wants to have all the benefits of both the online course plus individualized attention provided in private coaching. 

EW Get Your Financial House in Order Email Headers


EIS ConferenceAre you searching for a speaker who can ignite your audience’s financial potential? Look no further! I’m Andrew, the founder of Expanding Wallet, and I’m here to empower and inspire you. Through my engaging presentations, I share invaluable insights on money management, real estate investing, expense reduction, and more. Drawing from my personal experiences, I’ll guide your audience toward making strategic financial decisions that can transform their lives. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have me as your speaker. Let’s embark on a journey toward financial empowerment together. Book me now and unlock your audience’s financial potential.

Schedule a discovery call with me today and let’s see how I can help!

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